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In certain situations, you even have the option to re-purchase the property once you get back on your feet.  If you are in a situation where placing your property on the open market and accepting the delays and costs does not solve your problem, AZ Cash for Homes is the solution. We are always happy to talk you through our solutions and, in detail, how AZ Cash for Homes LLC can help with your situation. We offer a guaranteed offer on your property which is quick and hassle-free. We take away the uncertainty and delays associated with selling your property on the open retail market. And, there is never any  charge to you for our services. In fact, AZ Cash for Homes LLC will even pay ALL of your closing costs.

Recent reports indicate that there are currently over 50,000 properties on the Phoenix metropolitan MLS. That's enough inventory for the next nine months (since only about 3,000 homes sell each month)! Therefore, most home sellers are unable to quickly find a qualified buyer. Since there is already such a wide selection of discounted properties for sale, we will only buy properties that we can likely profit from. So, if you need the full retail price for your home, that's not what we do. In fact, none of the "cash for houses" companies offer full retail prices for homes. If they did, they could just buy all 50,000 of the available homes on the MLS, they wouldn't have to pay to advertise their services to homeowners such as yourselves. So beware of other companies that offer you a deal that seems to good to be true. In many cases these unscrupulous people will purposely wait until the last minute and then they tell you they will not be able to buy the property at the agreed upon purchase price.

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